• Vacuum dehydration while unit is still in service.
  • Remove oil from reservoirs and store in portal polyurethane tanks up to 6,000 gallons. While cleaning the sump, our dehydrator cleans the oil in the portable tanks for timely reinstall.
  • Conduct displacement flushes to all turbine and lube oil systems.  We can handle every detail of a flush: system cleaner, removal of existing oil, supply of middle oil, removal of middle oil, and final oil filtered to ISO cleanliness standards.
  • Various sizes of vacuum dehydrators available for monthly rate. Sizes range from 120 (2gpm) to 1200 (20gpm).
  • Detailed updates of ISO cleanliness with timely printouts from our portable particle counter during the entire flush process.
  • Units used to remove gas from the oil and filter carts are also available for smaller applications.
  • With 25 years experience, our team is highly trained to meet manufacturers' standards and work through a confined space entry and safety standards.

Oil Flush Services

  • Varnish Flushes
  • Displacement Flushes- used primarily when the oil system has not generated troublesome varnish.
  • How does it work?
A system cleaner is added and circulated for 24 hours while the detergent-based cleaner removes deposits from system components, tank walls or piping. The 
existing oil is then removed, the reservoir hand cleaned, and a middle oil is added and circulated for a set time period. The middle oil is designed to pick up any left over deposits or residue that the original oil left behind and when removed, the final oil is charged into the system through a 3 micron filter. The system is then monitored by a particle counter until it meets the specifications of the oil system manufacturers.

Overall benefit to your business:

  • No shutdown necessary.
  • No interruption in daily operations.
  • Finished product guaranteed to be filtered down to a 3 micron absolute level and, upon request, to a 1 micron level to meet certain ISO cleanliness. 
  • Two LO-VAC 900 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) Dehydration Units with postfilters. These units are used to remove water and particulate from the oil, which is filtered down to 3 micron.
  • 1 LO-VAC 600 GPH Dehydration Unit.  Removes water and filters oil at 15 micron. 
  • 1 Special LO-VAC 600 unit that removes light hydrocarbons from the oil.  The gases can be exhausted to your flare or run through special (zero VOC) filtration filters to absorb the gases from the exhaust.